Meet Chef Bill of No Garnish.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Chef /SHef/ Bill /bil/ noun: a chef who serves R&B music through simply flavorful food (especially through his special wings).

Welcome to my blog No Garnish, I am Chef Bill curator of soul food meals where the ingredients are the celebrity and the spices and butter are the jazz band.

"...having lived in many different places, that, is the core of what inspires my food."

Here is my story.

Oftentimes, we take for granted the most basic life skills. We pass them off as if they aren’t essential to our existence, and we move too fast to truly appreciate them. I’m Chef Bill of No Garnish, LLC and I want to rewrite the narrative that has misconstrued one of the fundamental pillars of our being: food.

My Experience.

I have been a professional chef for three years, however preparing amazing meals has been my passion since I was a child.  With being a military brat and having lived in many different places, global cuisine is the core of what inspires my food.

I started out watching my father in the kitchen as he would create marinades and seasoning mixtures for the dinner, which he prepared for my mother and I. He never told me what to do or how to do it, but my love for the art of creation drove me to begin learning and studying food as early as I could. Fast forward to now, and the idea for my site is simple: share the tools and techniques I picked up along my journey as well as show that even if you’ve never touched a knife before, YOU ARE A COOK.

Who is No Garnish?

No Garnish is a service creating healthy comfort-style meals to every individual with a touch of soul. We offer catering, in-home private dining and group event services.

Enjoy a custom meal based on your needs for your next event of up to 30 people, delivered by Chef Bill or and/or serve it buffet style. For a more intimate setting, Chef Bill will come cook in your place for up to two people for special occasions such as anniversaries, three-course tasting meals and date nights. From brunches to girl’s/guy’s night or intimate gatherings of less than 20 people, Chef Bill is sure to serve up a beautiful meal.

This is a journey for us all, and I am happy to bring southern-style comfort food to your table. My goal is to allow you to enjoy my simple and flavorful style of cooking with an extra splash of who I am. So be sure to inquire about having No Garnish at your next birthday, date night or even small wedding. Just reach out!

We are so excited to announce that No Garnish has officially launched! This Thursday, look out for our Youtube launch and watch Chef Bill in action as he talks a little bit about his culinary background. Remember to please follow, like, and subscribe!

I appreciate the support.

Love, Peace, + Chicken Grease,

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